Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, June 5, 2023

Jeddah Obhur's 5 newest beaches will be open for Swimming

Swimming will be permitted on five of the Obhur Red Sea waterfront beaches. According to reliable sources of local media, these beaches will soon be open for use, including the three on the coastline and the two in south Obhur. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

Additionally, Jeddah Creek Beach, which opened on April 24, is included in this. Three weeks after the stream project's launch, the Jeddah Mayoralty announced the cancellation of the investment contract.

- The investor's breach of the contract's terms and conditions was cited as the reason for the cancellation of the agreement. These violations included building the beach fence and assessing fees to the general public for access to the beach. See Also : ArAr Water Tower

- The project was created in collaboration with the private sector on a 24,000 square meter plot of land with a swimming beach that extends 400 meters.

- The project covers several facilities and integrated services, including outdoor and indoor seating areas; sun loungers, and a group of restaurants in an air-conditioned lounge, in addition to ice cream and coffee kiosks. Recommend : 3 benefits of digital driving license in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Obhur's 5 newest beaches will be open for Swimming -

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