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Transport General Authority starts issuing permits for Taxi service

Using the Naql platform, the Transport General Authority (TGA) of Saudi Arabia has begun issuing drivers cards for practicing fare activities such as public taxis, cab brokers, and guided vehicles. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram

The TGA has also urged businesses and organizations involved in the public transport, taxi brokers, and guided vehicle industries to use the Naql platform and complete the appropriate steps to issue the cards.

- The TGA stated in a circular sent to the Federation of Saudi Chambers that the regulation for public taxis, taxi-cab brokers, and guided vehicle activities was issued in accordance with the Minister of Transport and Logistics decision, and that its amendments have set out four requirements that drivers must follow in order to be able to issue the card. Trending : Important advices from Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to Hajj pilgrims

- Drivers must comply with the Traffic Law and its executive regulations, have a current general driver's license, and pass the required medical examination according to Article 23 of the regulations.

- The drivers need to have a certificate of their clean criminal background. The driver must possess a training certificate that has been approved by the TGA as the last requirement.

- The rules governing the activity also include restrictions on how long establishments may continue to engage in the activity after receiving a license. Most Viewed : Permissible age for issuing labor recruitment visa

- Regarding those who carry out their profession in airports, the rules provide that they can only do so after receiving permission from the appropriate person in charge of managing the airport and receiving a permit.

- Each activity involving public taxis, taxi-cab brokers, and guided vehicles need its own licence to be issued.

- Article 24 of the regulations highlights the significance of adhering to the requirements of Article 23, which calls for the employer licensed to operate a taxi business to obtain a driver card for each driver working for him after paying any applicable financial fines and in accordance with several predetermined conditions.

- The requirements include paying the required fees, having a contract between the driver and licensee, and having a valid establishment registration and driver identification. See Also : 7 cases of employment contract termination

- The requirements of Article 23 and Article 27, which highlight the significance of the individual receiving an operating card after paying financial fines (if any), in accordance with a number of restrictions, must also be followed.

- The prerequisites include having a current driver's license, a current technical inspection certificate for the vehicle, a current auto insurance policy, and the vehicle must be complete in line with the manufacturer's standards.

- The rules indicate that the person must meet the following requirements in order to receive the driver's card, his ID must be valid, contain a personal photo, and pay the fees and dues, if any. Read : 6 strict conditions of Final Exit visa of Saudi Arabia

- If the validity of the card does not exceed the expiration date of the authorized license or the driving license, the driver's card will be issued in line with the approved form by the TGA for a year. The practice of the activity after its expiration date is prohibited.

- The license or authorization to practice the activity must request the renewal of the card, and this must happen once all requirements have been met and all applicable fees have been paid. The request must be made by the person 30 days before the card expires.

- After paying all financial obligations, if any, and upon request from the person who holds a license or authorization to practice the activity, the card may be cancelled. If any of the terms are broken, the TGA has the right to revoke the driver's card. Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram channel

Transport General Authority starts issuing permits for Taxi service -

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