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Employer must be notified of the Newborn within 30 days - Council of Health Insurance

The Council of Health Insurance (CHI) in Saudi Arabia confirmed that in order to provide the necessary insurance coverage for the newborn, the employer must be notified within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of birth. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

The Health Insurance Council added that, the addition is reported to the health insurance provider and is made from the child's birth date and is kept in a document separate from the mother's.

- The Council called on the beneficiaries to communicate with the Secretary General and the officials of the Council, to answer their inquiries through the weekly open meeting via social media. Trending : Check Medical Insurance validity online in Saudi Arabia

- Earlier this, the CHI confirmed that the costs of treating newborns are included in the mother's insurance document, for up to 30 days from the date of birth of newborn.

- The Council also said the document covers the costs of treating the newborn with a maximum benefit of 500 riyals, until they are added to the mother's insurance with a retroactive from the date of birth.

- The Health Insurance Council noted that the insurance firm needs a copy of the birth notification certificate or birth certificate in order to add the newborn to the paperwork. The Council of the Cooperative Health Insurance was the most evident instance that was protected by birth health insurance coverage. Most Viewed : Check Umrah Insurance validity online

- The most prominent costs of births covered by the unified document are preventive measures such as, “seasonal vaccinations, and maternal and child care in accordance with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.”

- It includes the cost of piercing a female's ear with a maximum of 300 riyals during the term of the policy, and the cost of circumcision for "males", with a maximum of 500 riyals during the term of the policy.

- The Health Insurance Council also made note of the fact that it includes the costs of the national program for newborn early examination to reduce disability to a maximum of 100,000 riyals during the policy period, as well as the cost of infant formula according to the need to be distributed to infants who need it medically until the age of 24 months. Read : 6 cases of birth costs covered by health insurance

Employer must be notified of the Newborn within 30 days - Council of Health Insurance -

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