Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, May 3, 2023

94.3% of the Saudi Arabia's population was online Last year

According to a General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) bulletin, the percentage of people utilizing the internet in Saudi Arabia increased to 94.3 percent in the Year 2022. Trending : Vaccinations for Hajj is available at Health centers

The bulletin, which focuses on providing up-to-date information and statistics on the activities of communications and information technology for families and individuals in the Kingdom, is based on the access and usage of the Communications and Information Technology for families and individuals for the year 2022.

- The report shows that the percentage of people who are 15 years of age or older who use the internet has climbed to 94.3%, up 1.4% from the year 2021. Men used the internet at a rate of 95%, while women used it at a rate of 93.3%. Viewable Story : Countries with highest percentage of expats in its population

- Saudis make up 93.6% of internet users, while non-Saudis (expatriates) make up 95.2%. 96.5 percent of families had access to the internet, and 57.3% had a computer or laptop at home.

- The statistics revealed that in the Year 2022, 49.3% of people aged 15 and over possessed a mobile phone, compared to 55.1% of Saudis and 40.08% of non-Saudis (foreigners). The data also showed that in the Year 2022, 97.7% of people aged 15 and over utilized computers.

- The majority of people who use the internet and are at least 15 years old (representing 92.8% of all internet users) participate in social media. The usage rate for men was 92.9%, compared to 92.6% for women. Recommend : 4 Saudi cities ranked in smart cities of the World

- The report claims that in the Year 2022, 59.7% of people who are 15 years of age or older will have used the internet to make purchases of goods and services, with male purchases accounting for 58.8% of those and female purchases accounting for 60.9%.

- According to the statistics, shoes and sporting goods account for the majority of online transactions (77.2% of all purchases). Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

94.3% of the Saudi Arabia's population was online Last year -

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