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5 symbols of Saudi Founding Day logo, Know its details

Five symbols of Saudi Founding Day logo, relating to the environment, heritage, and Saudi identity. On the occasion of the anniversary of the formation of the first Saudi state by Imam Muhammad bin Saud in 1727 A.D., the Kingdom will celebrate the celebration of the Saudi Foundation Day tomorrow, Wednesday, February 22. 

The 5 symbols included in the Saudi Foundation Day logo are

1. The Palm Tree : Palm tree is an essential part of the Saudi identity and culture.

2. Arabian Horse : Horses have ancient roots in the Arabian Peninsula, and the horses has been associated with originality since ancient times, and the imams of the Saudi state were interested in it, a prominent role in improving and preserving its strains. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia declares February 22 as Saudi Founding Day

3. Falcon : Falcon is one of the famous hobbies in the Arabian Peninsula and during the period of the first Saudi state, falcons were gifted among leaders and rulers.

4. Market : The first Saudi state was famous for its growing markets and the trade profession was an essential resource for its people.

5. Saudi Flag : Saudi flag is a symbol of unity, belonging and patriotism. It is raised in battles to raise the spirit of patriotism, as well as in government offices and in events.

- The Ministry of Education Madrasati platform in Saudi Arabia through its official Twitter handle explained the details behind these 5 symbols of the Saudi Founding Day logo. See Also : Saudi Arabia is famous for these all things

5 symbols of Saudi Founding Day logo, Know its details -

5 symbols of Saudi Founding Day logo, Know its details -

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