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Wrong Parking fine in Saudi Arabia, It is one of the reason for Traffic Jam

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia said that wrong parking is one of the reasons for traffic congestion, stating that it is a waste of other people's time.

According to a Traffic Law in Saudi Arabia, wrong parking like parking in places not designated for them or parking in places defined for persons with special needs, is a traffic violation and it requires penalty and it fine ranges between 100 riyals to 150 riyals and this violation may be less than its value, unless otherwise the reasons led to the highest entry, and these reasons are set by the specialized committee of the Public Transport Department.

- The wrong parking fine could reach to 300 riyals on not following required precautions while parking on public roads in emergencies. Read : 9 places where it is not allowed to park or stop the vehicle - Saudi Moroor

- Once the parking violation is recorded, a message is sent to the vehicle owner or actual user of the vehicle within the minutes to inform him of the violation, including details of the violation was committed like violation time, date and number plate of the vehicle.

- The Saudi Moroor said through its official Twitter handle said, among the consequences of wrong parking of vehicles is that

* It jams traffic.

* It is unsafe for the vehicle.

* It disrupts others and

* It is a violation of traffic regulations. See Also : Moroor warns of failing to park vehicle properly at parking places

- Wrong parking is a serious offense in Saudi Arabia, it can result in significant fines or other types of punishment like the seizure of the vehicle or even imprisonment.

- Vehicle drivers must check for local parking regulations and make sure that they park only in designated areas. In general, it is not allowed to park on double yellow lines, in front of a barrier, on sidewalks, near fire hydrants or bus stops and on any other place that has been marked with no parking signs. Recommend : Penalty for parking on slopes 

Wrong Parking fine in Saudi Arabia, It is one of the reason for Traffic Jam -

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