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MHRSD issued a decision of Saudization on several Professions in Jazan

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia issued a ministerial decision on Saudization of a number of professions and activities at various percentages in the Jizan region.

This is in cooperation with the city of Jizan region, as part of the "Regional Localization" program set by the ministry in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and the governorate of the Jazan, in order to provide more refreshing and productive job opportunities for the Saudi citizens and to raise their participation in the Saudi labor market.

The Ministerial order of Saudization includes the activities by 70% of the total workers in the following.

* Outlets providing service for the activity of advertising agencies in sales outlets.

* Outlets providing photography service. See Also : Localization of several professions in Madina - MHRSD

* Outlets providing service of Repair and Maintenance of personal computers and laptops.

- In addition to the settlement of reservation offices and supervisory professions in

* Palaces and halls for weddings and events with residence, with the exception of professions like cleaning worker and stevedoring worker. However their percentage does not exceeds 20% of the total workers, while following the uniform as these percentages will begin to be applied after 6 months from the date of the decision issued.

- The decision also includes the Saudization of the professions of Operating and Maintaining passenger ferries by 50% for the professions of

* Marine Engineer

* Ship Safety Technician

* Accounts Manager

* Ship Traffic Controller

* Port Controller

* Maritime Navigator

* Maritime Observer

* Maritime Steward

* Ticket clerk

* Accounts Clerk

* Accounts Assistant

* Financial Clerk

* Accounts and Budget Manager

* Financial Analyst

- All the above mentioned percentages will be applied in two phases, first after 6 months and the second phase after 12 months of the decision issued.

- The MHRSD will provide a package of incentives and support for the necessary training and qualification process, support for the hiring process and career continuity, including the priority of benefitting from Saudization support programs available in the Law. The Ministry issued a procedural guide on it, including the mechanisms for its implementation to make sure the company's compliance.

- The Ministry highlighted the need for companies to stick and follow to the provisions of this decision, in order to avoid the statuary penalties will be applied against violators. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

MHRSD issued a decision of Saudization on several Professions in Jazan -

MHRSD issued a decision of Saudization on several Professions in Jazan -

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