Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, December 1, 2022

Video : Story behind the Man praying in the middle of the flood in Jeddah during heavy rain

Raad Abdullah Al-Mutairi said that his father is the man who was seen in a viral video, who was offering prayer in the flood, actually he was stuck in the middle of torrent in Jeddah, after heavy rains hit the region. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates YouTube channel

He said, "the circulating video was filmed by his neighbor and we did not know that he was filming our father", while speaking with Ajel. Raad added that, "we were at home, specifically in Al-Amara's yard, trying hard to bring cars into the house due to plenty of rain water". Video : Watch few scene of Jeddah floods last week

- He continued and said, "the water flow suddenly increased and swept away the father and when I saw the father, I did not hesitate and took the initiative to save him and put some stones, so that I could get out of the door and I was actually able to ride with the father and my brother was with him in the car, but the flood swept us away.

- "I rode with my father, and we were swept away by the torrent, and I was able to get my father and brother out of the car, but my father slipped from my hand because of the intensity of the flood". Trending : Muslim student confronts his professor who called him Kasab during lecture

- Then the father grip to the wipers of the second car, climbed onto it grill and it was the time for noon prayer, he began to perform prayer while the water was flowing around him, and the father said at that time, Allah is the Greatest, and we thank God that He save all from the danger of the torrential rain.

Story behind the Man praying in the middle of the flood in Jeddah during heavy rain -

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