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Failure to install Vehicle number plate in its designated place is Traffic violation - Saudi Moroor

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia highlighted that vehicle drivers must make sure that vehicle plates are installed in the place designated for it.

Saudi Moroor through its Twitter handle said that, failure to install the standard number plate in its designated place is a traffic violation. For this violation the violator may face a penalty fine ranging between 1,000 to 2,000 riyals.

- Saudi Moroor called everyone to contribute to facilitate of traffic by sticking to designated lanes on the road, and using indicators while switching between lanes. See Also : Moroor warns of making any modifications to vehicle, which changes its features

- Earlier this, Moroor explained that, in order to drive vehicle, it is must to have necessary equipment like lights, brakes, indicators, door lock in the vehicle when its running, as it improves safety in traffic while driving the vehicle.

- Previously, Saudi Moroor received an inquiry on its official Twitter asking, What are the procedures for issuing a temporary driving permit for a 17 year old?

- Responding to the question, Saudi Moroor clarified that, it is must to get a temporary driving permit, in order to drive a vehicle and to issue a driving permit, to which the following is necessary. Recommend : 9 places where it is not allowed to park vehicle

* Completion of 17 years.

* Bring personal photos.

* Medical examination and submission of your application to driving school.

Requirements for issuing driving license :

1. Completion of the age of 18 years.

2. Applicant must not have been convicted by a court ruling of drug use, distribution or possession.

3. Safety from diseases and disabilities that hinder driving.

4. Pass the driving test.

5. Pay the fees. See Also : Penalties for drifting in Saudi Arabia

6. Settling the violations, if any

7. For expatriates, a regular iqama is must.

Renewing Driving License Procedure :

* Payment of fees and fines

* Possibility of renewing the license through Absher individuals.

* Fine for not renewing driving license.

Failure to install Vehicle number plate in its designated place is Traffic violation - Saudi Moroor -

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