Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, September 5, 2022

Online frauds fines in Saudi Arabia could reach up to 5 million riyals

The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia has set 4 online crimes whose, penalties would reach up to 5 million riyals. The authority confirmed that all the electronic fraud practices are considered as a major crime and it requires arrest. Read : Penalties for cheating in precious metals

As per the Article 23, Number 6 of the Electronic Transactions Law of Saudi Arabia, the Public Prosecution said that it is prohibited to fraud any online register, or e-sign or make a false attestation certificate or even using any of these with the knowledge of its fraud.

- The penalties for the electronic fraud is a fine of up to 5 million riyals, and imprisonment of up to 5 years, seizure of the devices that has been used in the violation, including additional publication of the judgement after it has been finalized, as per the Article 24 of the Electronic Transactions. Most Viewed : Defaming others is a punishable crime by 3 years in prison

- A lawyer Hisham Al-Faraj, during his interview with Al-Riyadh said that the Penal Code for Forgery Offenses Law issued by Royal Decree number (11) stipulated in Article 4 that, whoever fraudulently signs or provide a sign attributed to a public body or to its worker with the worker's job title would be penalized with imprisonment between1 to 7 years and a fine of not more than 700,000 riyals.

Online frauds fines in Saudi Arabia could reach up to 5 million riyals -

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