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Cybersecurity calls for use of Banking applications and stay away from Unknown links

The spokesperson for the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones, Yasser Al-Osaimi called for the use of bank applications and avoid using unknown websites, which are not safe. Join Saudi Expatriates Telegram channel

During his interview with Al-Ekhbariya channel, Al-Osaimi said that unknown websites are not safe and may take people from banking transactions to working with unknown people.

- He advises for the use of bank applications and make sure of the links that are opened and beware of fake offers. See Also : Beware of misleading forex ads with quick profit

- Earlier this, the Information Technology specialist, Khaled Abu Ibrahim confirmed that the information and cyber security of local banks is very strong and difficult to crack.

- Abu Ibrahim while speaking with the Al-Ekhbariya channel stated that the technology has the most important benefit in facilitating our lives and our various dealings.

- The Standing Committee for Awareness and Warning of Unauthorized Trading in Securities in the Foreign Exchange Market called on Saudi citizens and resident expatriates to be cautious and wary of the methods used by persons or companies that provide unlicensed forex and digital currencies, which involve high risks and deplete their money and savings and expose them to fraud. Read : Saudi Central Bank warns against sharing data with anyone that promotes forex

- The committee warned against dealing with social media accounts and unknown websites that hunt citizens and expats and impersonate the names and photos of well-known personalities with the aim of misleading them to enter into fake investment projects. Before dealing with anyone ensure their reliability and verify their authenticity by referring government agencies and make sure that they have necessary licenses.

- The committee said misleading advertisements on websites and social networking sites take advantage of large number of visitors to these sites, and they put responses to their stories and comments to deceive the read of the legitimacy of their actions, social media platforms are exploited, either by using paid promotion or by promoting through personalities who have a high presence in social media, suggesting public that this activity has legal legitimacy.

- The authorities called on everyone not to respond such misleading advertisements and not to deal with the unlicensed parties, no matter how varied their methods. The committee is concerned with raising awareness and warning against the activity of trading in securities in the unlicensed foreign exchange market, Forex and the marketing of unlicensed digital currencies with all their names and derivatives. Recommend : Fines for Cybercrimes involving financial fraud

Cybersecurity calls for use of Banking applications and stay away from Unknown links -

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