Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, August 15, 2022

5 conditions for employers to cancel the Absent From Work report of an Expat worker

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia revealed five conditions that the employer must stick by in order to be able to cancel the huroob or worker absence reports.

The Ministry specifies 5 conditions for canceling Absent From Work reports from Employer are as follows

* The company must be committed to paying the work permits.

* Client's company status should not be 'Not Existing'. See Also : Allowing cancellation of Huroob without consent of employers with these conditions

* The expat worker must not have a request to prove a maliciousness report pending with the labor office.

* It must not have previously registered more than one report on the expat during the past 2 years, for whom the employer wants to cancel the huroob report from his register.

* The expat worker must also not be arrested by the deportation departments.

- The Ministry also added that the employer is allowed to cancel the Absent From Work report which is registered by one of his sponsored persons only after the period allowed online, which is 20 days after the date of submitting the worker's absence report. See Also : Validity period for canceling Absent from Work report

Required Documents from Employer to cancel 'Absent From Work' status :

* Certified letter from the Chamber of Commerce contains his request.

* Employer is obligated to pay the financial compensation resulting from the renewal of expat worker's iqama after canceling the huroob report. Read : Conditions for reporting huroob of domestic workers through Absher

5 conditions for employers to cancel the Absent From Work report of an Expat worker -

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