Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, May 28, 2022

Saudi Arabia clarifies country's stand on Alcohol Consumption at World Economic Forum in Davos

The Assistant Minister of Tourism for Saudi Arabia, Princess Haifa Mohammed Al-Saud has clarified the Kingdom's stance when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

While speaking at panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this week, Princess Haifa ruled out the option to change the laws in Saudi Arabia to introduce alcohol in the Kingdom by stating, we are going to continue with our current laws.

- This came in response after an official was asked in a panel session about Saudi Arabia on the possibility of offering alcohol in new destination like NEOM.

- Responding it, the Princess Haifa added, Saudi Arabia has been very transparent on where it stands with everything. We were very clear. The possession and consumption of alcohol is currently banned within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- She continued, We have been doing very well and we have been competing. We have actually been outperforming worldwide when it comes to Tourism with what we have to offer Today. There 's a lot to go around without introducing anything new.

- The priority of the travel and tourism industry from the government perspective is why we managed to do so well during the pandemic and recover, she concluded. Similar : Saudi Arabia advances 10 places in Global Travel and Tourism Development index

- Saudi Arabia move up 10 places to 33rd in the world in the World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Development Index. The Kingdom aim is to increase the contribution of the tourism sector to 10% of GDP, to create 1 million new jobs and attract 100 million local and international visitors annually by 2030.

Saudi Arabia clarifies country's stand on Alcohol Consumption at World Economic Forum -

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