Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, April 7, 2022

Women allowed to perform Umrah without a Mahram or a male Guardian

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia clarified that women under the age of 45 can perform Umrah without a male guardian, known as a Mahram.

The Ministry further explained that women of that age are allowed to perform Umrah and issue a visa, and that they are not obligated to a mahram or a group of women.

- This came in clarification from the Ministry to a query from a person, who asked about the possibility of a women under the age of 45 performing Umrah without a mahram. See Also : Saudi Arabia's hotels allows women without a male guardian

- Last week, the ministry clarified that women of age 45 and above can obtain Umrah visa for women coming from abroad to perform Umrah. Women can issued an Umrah visa within Women's group, if she is 45 years and above, stating that authorized local agent should form women's groups.

- Earlier, women were only allowed to come in groups of women to perform Umrah or Hajj or with a Mahram. Now the rules of the Kingdom changing as it is opening up and this is going to make a lot of Muslim women happy as it eased the rules and pressure on them coming here. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

- The new rule is going to save money for many families coming from abroad, as women have to bring son or brother if they are widowed or if their husbands can't travel. Women used to pay from their pockets for a male member so they can accompany them, doubling costs of travel and spending money as you are paying for the mahram too.

- This is great rule especially for older women, especially who don't necessarily have the means or availability of mahram.

- Last year, Saudi Arabia allowed women to perform Hajj pilgrimage without a male guardian or relative or mahram.

Women allowed to perform Umrah without a Mahram or a male guardian -

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