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Saudi Arabia confirms its Promotion and Protection of the rights of the Elderly

Saudi Arabia announced that it will continue to promote and protect the rights of the elderly as part of its attempt to implement sustainable development plans, especially in light of the advance regional and international developments, to achieve the principle of not leaving anyone behind.

This came in the Kingdom's speech during the general debate at the 12th session of the UN Open-ended working group of aging, delivered by the charged Affairs in the Kingdom's permanent delegation to United Nations, Counselor, Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ateeq. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates on YouTube

- During his speech, Al-Ateeq said Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that has low percentage of elderly, as the percentage of people over 65 years is about 4.2% of the total population of the Kingdom. As per the official statistics, this category receives great attention. The Saudi society has values and customs that make the elderly people valued and cared for.

- Saudi government has given the elderly category priority, care and great attention, from an organizational and historical point of view. Al-Ateeq added the Saudi Arabia adopted this year in January, the 'Rights and care of the elderly' systems, with the aim of promoting and protecting the rights of the elderly.

- The Article 3 of the 'Rights and Care of the Elderly' law specified that the elderly must be empowered to live in an environment that preserves their rights and chances their integration into society.

- The Law also stipulates that the concerned ministry is mandated to provide documented statistical information on the elderly, to benefit from them in conducting relevant studies and research, to assist in developing plans and programs, as well as organizing and implementing appropriate programs for the elderly and encouraging those who are able to work. See Also : Fine for cybercrime involving financial frauds

- Al-Ateeq explained that the law in the Kingdom imposes strict penalties on those who abuse the elderly, whether they are individuals or institutions that provide services to the elderly from civil or governmental centers and apply alternative penalties, financial fines and imprisonment for those who commit such abuse.

Saudi Arabia confirms its Promotion and Protection of the rights of the Elderly -

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