Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Saudi Arabia approves Moderna Corona Vaccine for Children of age group 6 to 11 years

The Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia (SFDA) has approved the Moderna corona vaccine for children of age group 6 to 11 years as part of its ongoing efforts to combat with Corona pandemic in the Kingdom. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates YouTube

This new approval, which was passed on 6th April, will increase the vaccination among the population, which in return is expected to yield in higher protection among wider age groups against corona pandemic.

- This approval comes at a time, when Saudi Arabia have largely recovered from the pandemic's global economic effects, is looking to further re-integrate its younger population into public life while making their utmost safety and security, as per the report of Saudi Gazette. Trending : Saudi Arabia confirms the safety of vaccines and reveals appropriate age for each vaccine

- The projected decline in infection rates amongst the vaccine's new target group will also move to safer school environments and reduced virus transmission within each child's larger family unit.

- First approved in Saudi Arabia in July 2021 for individuals of age group above 18 years, this latest move from Saudi Food and Drug Authority demonstrates the immense confidence in Moderna's vaccine high safety profile when administered to younger members of the population.

- The main focus is always around decreasing Corona virus related hospitalization rates throughout the year. Read : Saudi Arabia will no longer bear the costs of treating corona patients in private sector

Saudi Arabia approves Moderna Corona Vaccine for Children of age group 6 to 11 years -

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