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Begging is Financial fraud and this is how it can be reported - Saudi Public Security

The Public Security in Saudi Arabia renewed the warning of the dangers of the beggary in the Kingdom as one of the methods of financial fraud and graft.

The Saudi Public Security from its official Twitter account, called everyone to take the initiative to report those who engage in beggary or support them by any means.

- Reporting of begging can be done through the toll free number 911 in the regions of Makkah and Riyadh and at 999 for all other regions of the Kingdom. Read more : Begging in Saudi Arabia

- The anti-beggary law specifies that whoever engages in begging incites another, agrees with him or helps him to practice beggary, shall be punished with the imprisonment of not more than 6 months, or fine not more than 50,000 riyals or both.

- Whoever engages in beggary, manages beggars, incites others, agrees with him or helps him in anyway, in any of that within an organized group that engages in beggary, shall be punished with the jail term for a period not more than 1 year or a fine not exceeding 100,000 riyals or both.

- According to the same law, all cash and in-kind funds that the beggar get from his beggary, or that would be used in it, shall be seized by a court ruling. In case those funds cannot be seized, the competent court can impose a fine equivalent to its value and with due regard to the rights of good faith. Know more : Forced beggary or labor will lead you in jail term with this amount of fine

Beggary through Social Media in Saudi Arabia :

According to a lawyer, Awad Al-Assaf, the beggary through social media is subject to penalty with a fine of 100,000 riyals or imprisonment for a year. While speaking to Al-Ekhbariya channel he referred to this, saying, or in the means of technology or modern communication or one of the means.

- He added that selling products like handkerchiefs in the streets is indirect beggary and is subject to penalties, and helping beggars also exposes you to the issue. Download Saudi Expatriates app from Andorid mobile

Begging is Financial fraud and this is how it can be reported - Saudi Public Security -

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