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There are 3 authorities in Saudi Arabia, These are the strengths of the Kingdom

Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, said that Saudi Arabia, as a complete Kingdom, does not mean that the King can wake up tomorrow and do what he likes, clearly there are three powers.

During his interview with the Atlantic magazine, the Crown Prince explained that there are many attractive ideas, as democracy is attractive, as well as the constitutional Kingdom is attractive, but the matter depends on the place, method and background.

- He continued, Democracy in America is wonderful, it has resulted in the largest GDP in the world, and a great country, and it has resulted in many great things in the entire world, but it has existed and was designed based on the situation you were in from taking out the British to uniting America, so you designed Your political system, and your social beliefs in a way that supports America, and then you progressed, and if you look at America 100 years ago, for example, you will find the prevailing social beliefs at that time ridiculous! Even for us in Saudi Arabia, it's ridiculous, so it has progressed. Most Viewed : Saudi Crown Prince announces TROJENA - A global destination for mountain tourism in Neom

- The Crown Prince added that, "But Saudi Arabia, as an absolute monarchy, does not mean that the King can wake up tomorrow and do what he likes. There is an essential matter that leads the legitimate way to run the country's affairs, which is the basic system of government, which clearly states that there are three powers.

- The first is the executive authority, which It is led by the King as Prime Minister. As for the other two judicial and regulatory authorities, he does not lead them but appoints them. Here is an example of how to make a decision.

- We wanted to allow women to drive since 2015, but we could not do that before 2017, and this shows you how we work according to the laws And according to the basic system of government, and in front of the people, but if we run the country's affairs randomly, like a tent, this means that the entire economy will collapse, and no one will invest in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis will not believe in us, we cannot run the country's affairs randomly, That was Gaddafi's way. See Also : I spend 10 to 20 minutes every day on Social Media platforms - Mohammed bin Salman

- The Prince continued, "The Saudi royal family came 600 years ago, as a ruling family, where they established the Saudi state 300 years ago, then it collapsed for 7 years, then came back again, collapsed for 10 years, and then came back again, and we have learned a lot from The lessons, and our development, as the system progressed, and every generation that comes, comes based on a system based on these 3 powers, and when a new king comes, a new crown prince comes, they do not try to undermine these powers, because this is the strength of Saudi Arabia.

- The Saudi Crown Prince added that, "This is what makes Saudi Arabia a country in the Group of Twenty, as it possesses 12% of oil needs, the second largest proven oil reserves in the world, and it has two of the largest sovereign funds in the world, and what made it like this is that every generation comes, builds on it and invests in it." and develop it for the future, as the Americans have done for the past 300 years.” Join Saudi Expatriates Telegram channel

There are 3 authorities in Kingdom, These are the strengths of Saudi Arabia -

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