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Saudi Arabia approves new Personal Status Law, derived from provisions and purposes of Islamic Shariah

Saudi Arabia approved the personal status law, as part of legal reforms in the Kingdom. The law regulates issues related to engagement, marriage, divorce and children's custody.

According to the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman the new law is based on the rules of the Islamic Sharia code and its objectives, meets to the latest international legal practices and adapts to changes in modern-day life.

- The Prince Mohammed said, It will contribute to preserving the family and its stability, as the family is the main part of the society. This law will improve the status of the family and the child, and fine-tune the judicial power of judges to limit variances in judicial rulings in this regard. Trending : Cancellation of Immunization status checks to enter into the Two Holy Mosques

- The Crown Prince also stated that, the new personal law represents a major qualitative leap in efforts for safeguarding human rights and women's empowerment.

- The Personal Status Law states, Both the fiancé and the fiancée have the right to cancel the engagement, and all that fiancé presents to the fiancée during the sermon period is considered as a gift unless the fiancé declares that he has offered is considered a dowry or that he is known to be a dowry.

- As per the new law, if the fiancé or the fiancée changes the engagement for a reason that belong to him, he does not have the right to take the gift that he gave and the other party may recover from him what they gave if it is existed and only by the same or its value on the day it was received, unless the gift is of what is consumed by nature and in all cases, if the engagement ends with death, or for a reason that one of the parties has no control over, noting of the gifts shall be returned. Recommend : Saudi Arabia allows non-vaccinated residents to enter into the Kingdom

- The Personal Status Law also states, “If any of the fiancé or the fiancée withdraw the conclusion of the marriage contract or dies before the contract, and the fiancé handed over money to his fiancée before the contract as the dowry, the fiancé or his heirs shall have the right to take back what was delivered in particular, if it exists, and only with the same or its value.

- The law included a number of general provisions, the most important of which are, Prohibition of documenting marriage unless the spouses have reached the age of 18, and the court may authorize the marriage of a person who has not reached that age, male or female, if he is an adult after verifying his interest in marriage in accordance with the regulating procedures for that.

- The new law, whose provisions have yet to be officially announced, will take effect 90 days after its publication in the kingdom’s Official Gazette. Join Saudi Expatriates imo channel

Saudi Arabia approves new Personal Status Law, derived from provisions and purposes of Isalmic Shariah -

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