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Red Crescent in Madina clarifies the fact that a Worshiper died in Prophet's Mosque and Know few facts of Prophet's Mosque

The official spokesperson for the Saudi Red Crescent Authority branch in Madina region, Khaled Al-Sahli explained that ambulance team stationed at the Prophet's Mosque began a case of fainting while performing Friday prayers on 18th March.

Al-Sahli explained that the case was directly handled by the emergency ambulance team and immediately transferred the person to Madina General Hospital.

- Several pages and users of social media had circulated rumors with an image stating the death of a person at the Prophet's Mosque in weakness while performing Friday prayer on 18th March 2022. Trending : Cancellation of Immunization status checks at the Two Holy Mosques

- The Red Crescent spokesperson in the Madina region denied all the rumors and clarified that through a tweet, it was a case of fainting while performing Friday prayer.

What is Prophet's Mosque? Know more details of it :

The Prophet's Mosque was built in the first year of the migration of the Prophet to Madina, later it included several renovations and expansions to reach its current form. See Also : What is Rowdah in Prophet's Mosque

- Prophet's Mosque is one of the holiest places in the world and is known for the first place where electrical power was delivered in the Arabian Peninsula.

- Prophet's Mosque contains the tomb of the Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) and the homes of his wives. The mosque is surrounded by the Baqi cemetery (Jannatul Baqi), which is one of the main cemeteries of the people in Madina, in which many companions and followers of the Prophet lie.

- In its first building, there were 3 doors, Bab Atika or Bab Al-Rahma, Bab Othman or Bab Jibril and Bab Al-Qibla, after which there were many expansions and now the number of doors has reached to more than 80. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo channel

- Prophet's Mosque carrying capacity at peak time is more than 707,000 worshipers on an area of 400,500 square meters.

Red Crescent in Madina clarifies the fact that a Worshiper died in Prophet's Mosque -

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