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No split payment allowed for arrears of Work Permit, Expat fee and Dependent Fee - Ministry of Human Resources

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) in Saudi Arabia clarified that all the balances of work permit fee, expat fee and dependent's fee, caused delay in issuing and renewing iqama, as it is linked to work permit. It shall be paid altogether and there will be no split payment allowed for these arrears at the time of renewal of iqama on a quarterly, half-yearly or 9-months period basis. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

The HR Ministry said the Expat fee is 700 riyals per month and 8,400 riyals per year for each expatriate worker, who works in a company, where the number of foreigners are less than Saudi nationals. In case a company has more foreigners than Saudi nationals, the Expat fee will be 800 riyals per month and 9,600 riyals per year for each expat worker.

- The ministry further said that, the fee for issuing work permit is 100 riyals per year, There can be a split payment of work permit fee along with the payment of expat free and dependent fee on a quarterly, half-yearly, 9-month basis apart from annual basis. Trending : Procedure to object violations of Precautionary measures through Absher

- The split payment of work permit fee can be done along with the Expat fee and Dependent's fee on a quarterly basis. Accordingly, the quarterly payment of work permit is 25 riyals, while Expat fee can be 2,100 riyals or 2,400 riyals as per the company status. Here the dependent or companion fee per person is 400 riyals for each month.

- Similarly, half-yearly payment of work permit is 50 riyals and expat fee is 4,200 or 4,800 as per the Saudi nationals status in the company. The monthly fee for all categories of dependents and companions is 400 riyals for each person.

- While for 9-month period, the work permit fee is 75 riyals and Expat fee can be 6,300 or 7,200 riyals, according to the Saudi citizens available in the company. While the dependent fee or companion fee will be 400 riyals for each month per person. Recommend : Saudi Arabia approved 4 vaccines for the purpose of Visits, including Hajj and Umrah

- Regarding late payment of the fee due to delay in renewal of iqama, the ministry stated that companies need to pay first Expat fee for foreign workers for a period, when their number is more than Saudi nationals and then the fee for the period when the number of expats is less than Saudi citizens.

- For the split payment, Expat fee and Dependent Fee can be calculated on a monthly basis and the payment shall be made under the unified number of the company, according to the statement of ministry, in which it elaborated the modalities of these payments, as per the report of Saudi Gazette.

- Earlier, Jawazat announced that expats can make split payment of fee through the updated government payments system available at all the Saudi local banks. As per the recent updated payment system, iqama fees can be paid on quarterly, half-yearly basis. This will ease in completing procedures of issuing and renewing iqama for a required period through Absher Business, Muqeem and Qiwa. Read : Fatoora project comes into force in Saudi Arabia

No split payment allowed for arrears of Work Permit, Expat fee and Dependent Fee -

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