Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, September 19, 2021

Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia can now able to Change to new Employer through Absher Individuals (Afrad)

Absher Individuals (Afrad) platform in Saudi Arabia has recently added a new feature for domestic workers, this new feature allows them to respond to requests for transferring their sponsorship by accepting or rejecting them. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo (Limited to Mobile)

This new mechanism is same as the requests of transferring sponsorship of other professions through the 'Qiwa' platform. The Ministry is now offered a same opportunity to domestic workers to change sponsorship in a similar way.

- But here, the sponsorship transfer of domestic workers will only take place, if the current sponsor or employer is ready to transfer. The current employer must send the application through Absher to new employer to request the acceptance of the worker. Similar : 5 conditions for reporting Huroob of domestic worker through Absher

- While the new sponsor will have to wait for the domestic worker's approval through Absher Afrad (Individuals), upon completion of the approval, the worker will be transferred to new employer.

- However, sponsorship cannot able to transfer through Absher, in case of one house driver or more than one in same profession is already available under the same sponsor.

- Saudi Arabia launched the new Labor Reform Initiative (LRI) from 14th March 2021, which allows an expat worker, who wish to transfer his job to other employer, can request his new employer to submit request through Qiwa platform, Where his current employer has to approve it in the specific notice period. See Also : 4 conditions that allows employer to issue final exit to domestic worker during probation period

Domestic workers can now Change to new Employer through Absher Individuals -

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