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Magical benefits of Beetroot Juice, Longer life and Weapon against Cancer

Beetroot juice has chemo preventive abilities, and can reduce the risk of cancer and high blood pressure reveals a British study, published in the National Library of Health. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

The British Express newspaper said about the study that, beetroot juice can give a person a longer life, describing it as an solution of life without diseases.

- The study added that the beetroot drink get its rich color from betalain, which is a water-soluble antioxidant, and has chemical protective capabilities against some types of cancer cells to reduce the risk of cancer. Trending : Each person meat consuming limit is 70 grams per day - SFDA

- The study examined the vascular effects of dietary nitrates found in beetroot, highlighting that the results demonstrated that dietary nitrate has a range of beneficial effects on blood vessels, including lowering blood pressure, slowing platelet aggregation and improving the ability to perform exercises, whether for healthy individuals or patients, who suffer from arterial diseases.

- The study explained that "traditional Japanese diets and countries around the Mediterranean are generally healthy, and they are associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and longevity without suffering from disease."

- The study also featured the reason to the fact that the Japanese and Mediterranean diets share many similarities in that both are rich in fruits, vegetables and fish and little red meat, and perhaps the main beneficial common content is the high dietary nitrate content. Recommend : Corona Vaccine does not affect sperm assures study

- The study showed that red beetroot extract or juice has protective effects against various cancer cells, such as prostate, breast, liver, lung, esophageal and skin cancer, noting that the researchers stated that "the positive benefits of beetroot juice are generally attributed to betanin, the main component of betasanin, a powerful antioxidant".

- "Beetroot is an especially safe source of dietary nitrate," adding that beetroot juice provides a microbiome that improves markers of heart and brain health, through dysbacteriosis, beneficial bacteria, small amounts of which can help improve blood flow.

- Experts advised, at the end of the study, to drink beetroot juice with the need to get less saturated fat, sugar and salt, to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. See Also : 9 benefits of Physical activity on Human body

Magical benefits of Beetroot Juice, Longer life and Weapon against Cancer -

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