Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, June 10, 2021

Saudi Aramco increases Fuel prices in the Kingdom for June 2021

Saudi Aramco revealed the new updated gasoline prices in the Kingdom as per the periodic review, The new prices of fuel will be in effect from Today (11th June 2021) until the 10th July 2021. The company will announce updated prices every month on the 10th day. 

The new Fuel prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting from Today are as follows

Gasoline 91 : 2.18 SR per liter (Earlier 2.08 SR)

Gasoline 95 : 2.33 SR per liter (Earlier 2.23 SR)

Diesel : 0.52 SR per liter (Earlier 0.52 SR)

Kerosene : 0.70 SR per liter (Earlier 0.70 SR)

LPG : 0.75 SR (Earlier 0.75 SR) 

- For Gasoline 91, the price increased this month to 2.18 SR from 2.08 SR, While for Gasoline 95, the price is raised to 2.33 SR from 2.23 SR per liter.

- Prices of fuels are adjusted as per the governance procedures for price adjustment of energy and water products. The domestic prices of energy products are subject to change, up or down, depending on the changes in export prices from the Kingdom to the international markets.

- This is as per the governance procedures of pricing adjustment of approved energy and water products said the Saudi Aramco company.

- Saudi Aramco provides fuels to meet the daily renewable needs of engines, as both types of gasoline 91 and 95 are available to meet the needs of cars that run on gasoline, and diesel fuel is also available for trucks and other vehicles.

- It indicated that to ensure the quality of the fuel throughout its production cycle from the source until it reaches the customer’s tank, the fuel is subjected to numerous tests and issued certificates. It is also injected with various dyes to facilitate the task of visually identifying it and controlling its quality during pumping, indicating that all types of petrol have a lead-free function.


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