Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, May 30, 2021

Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia warns of Spreading Rumors and clarifies its Penalties

The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia confirmed that it is prohibited to utilize the issuance of some regulatory decisions to spread false information about it through social media that would mislead public opinion and harm public order or participating in that.

The Public Prosecution warned against the producing, spreading, sharing or storage of anything that would harm public order, religious values, public morals or the privacy, through electronic information network or one of the computers.

- This came after social media became as one of the biggest platform for sharing or spreading lies, fake news and rumors, which harms public order and security. See Also : Penalties on Expats who intentionally transmit Corona virus

- The prosecution highlighted that the violator of this crime will be punished with jail term of maximum 5 years and a fine of maximum 3 million riyals or one of these two penalties, as per the Article of Anti-information Crime Law.

- The same penalty will be applied to those who prepared, shared, stored the content or media that mislead the government order or harm public opinion. Recommend : Penalties for handling unregistered medicines in Saudi Arabia

Prosecution warns of Spreading Rumors and clarifies its Penalties in Saudi Arabia -

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