Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Criminal network of 24 expats arrested who Fraudulently snatched more than 35 million Riyals

The media spokesperson for the Riyadh region police, Major Khaled Al Kreidis, announced that the security authorities have arrested criminal networks of Pakistani nationality in several regions of the Kingdom.

He explained that the security follow-up to combat the fraud crimes resulted in power of the competent authority in the Riyadh Region Police to track sources of financial operations and uncover criminal networks.

- 24 expat residents of Pakistani nationality arrested from the regions of Makkah, Asir and the Eastern Province, their ages are between 30's and 40's of their life. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia bans cigarette sales to minors, and bans smoking around children

- Authorities seized more than 35 million riyals from them, they committed fraudulent crimes of the same pattern and criminal behavior.

- Al Kreidis said that these criminals have targeted Saudi citizens and resident expats by sending text messages that contains fake promises, like winning financial prizes or requesting to update bank data and based on their data they executed financial operations. Recommend : Children are not allowed to enter into Two Holy Mosques during Ramadan 2021

- He explained that a cash of 67,506 riyals were seized from them including 73 mobile phones with which they carry out their crimes, they have been arrested and initial legal measures were taken against them and referred to the Public Prosecution.

A network of 24 expats arrested who fraudulently snatched more than 35 million Riyals -

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