Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Young Indonesian woman's body found in a Suitcase on the road side in Makkah

A 23 year old young woman's body was found in a suitcase in Mina of Makkah province, near the 4th ring road on Friday. Initial investigations revealed the deceased woman was an Indonesian and her sponsor reported that she was absent from work.

The Public Prosecution in Makkah received the case file to complete the investigations and to reveal the reasons of death.

- Makkah police on Friday received an alert from a Saudi citizen that he had found a large suitcase lying on the ground and when he checked what was inside it, he found the dead woman. Trending : 3 Expatriates arrested in Riyadh for robbing 3.6 million electronic devices

- Indonesian Foreign Ministry citizen protection director Judha Nugraha said that local police had arrested 2 Indonesian nationals suspected of having been involved in the death of woman, identified by her initial A, based on an alert from the Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah.

- He said that the preliminary postmortem report had found no external injuries on the body and that an autopsy was needed to investigate the cause of death. Read : Saudi Arabia applies 17th phase of Wage Protection Program on small companies

- Indonesia's Consul General Eko Hartono in Jeddah said A was sick for about 3 months and had been living at the home of two Indonesian workers, a married couple, in Makkah before her death.

- After her death, the couple wo took her and then stuffed her inside the suitcase and then dumped it on the side of the road said Eko Hartono. Both are in the police custody for questioning. See Also : Five Bangladeshi expats arrested for detaining their country people and asking ransom to the victims families

- In the next step, Foreign Ministry and Indonesian in Jeddah will be to contact A's family and provide legal assistance to the two arrested Indonesian citizens. The embassy also said it would help to return the body to Indonesia at family's wish.

Young Indonesian woman's body found in a Suitcase on the road side in Makkah -

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