Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Final and 17th Phase of Wage Protection Program starts Today in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announced the start of the implementation of the "last", 17th phase of the "Wages Protection System (WPS), from Today (1st December).

The Ministry stated that the 17th and final phase of the "wage protection" program has been implemented for companies whose workers are in range of 1 to 4 workers, starting today, Companies with workers one to four should deposit the salaries into the bank account of their workers . The WPS program aims to reduce disputes and establish the rights of workers at the facilities. Similar : What is Wage Protection System

- Wage Protection Program monitors the disbursing of salaries of all workers including Saudi citizens and expatriates in private sector companies and determines the level of commitment by companies towards the payment of wages.

- The Ministry highlight the need for all establishments to stick to the wages protection program, and to raise the salaries file on a monthly basis in order to avoid imposing the penalties stipulated in the system.

- It is noteworthy that the establishments can know the requirements of the program and stick to them as per the procedures described on the ministry’s website or by visiting the “Madad” platform. Related : What is Madad platform 

Final and 17th Phase of Wage Protection Program starts in Saudi Arabia -

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