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 Salaries of Private sector's 600,000 companies Employees through 'Mudad' platform from December 2020

By the end of the year 2020, About 600,000 companies of private sector will be linked with the Ministry's Mudad platform reveals the Sattam Al-Harbi, deputy minister of Human Resources and Social Development for inspection and Work Environment development in Saudi Arabia.

Mudad platform to provide payroll management service with less administrative costs, Currently it covers about 200,000 companies, where they are 5 or more workers and By Dec 1st, about 400,000 establishments of private sector to join the ministry's 'Mudad' platform.

- All salaries of workers of private companies will be transferred through this platform, this mechanism would increase the efficiency of the labor market and bring down the labor disputes, he added.

- While speaking with Al Arabiya, he said Mudad platform for Wage Protection has been working for the past 2 years with several government departments using it. The aim of the platform is to raise the efficiency of labor market and make private sector more attractive to Saudi nationals.

- Connecting the Mudad platform with the banking sector gave a lot of reliability to the initiative with faster monitoring and eas procedures. so that business owner transfer salaries, while the platform monitors the companies.

- The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development launched the 2nd version of Wage Protection System(WPS) through Mudad platform, which aims to allow private sector companies to achieve optimal compliance with the requirement of WPS.

- The Ministry calls all companies to register on this platform, as it would be official interface of program from 3rd November. The ministry also worked on developing the program to allow companies to easily upload salary files. Similar : Salary cards to workers in Saudi Arabia

- Mudad platform has a feature that allow companies to justify the reasons for non payment of salaries to workers, who are currently under company as the ministry will automatically impose a fine on the company in the event of non payment of salary to worker.

- The establishment has a right to see the violation and know its details after the month of imposed, The reason for not depositing salary will be sent to worker to confirm his approval or rejection of the reason.

- If the worker agrees to company's justification for non payment of salary through 'Individuals' platform on the portal, the percentage of compliance will raise immediately without the review of ministry's branch and close the violation rule of WPS. Realted : Implementation of 16th phase of WPS

- The platform is designed to protect the rights of companies and its workers for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to help them to organize their processes related to payroll and transfer processes linking banks directly. Mudad presents instant information of the workers through the GOSI reports Saudi Gazette.

Salaries of Private sector's 600,000 companies Employees through 'Mudad' platform from December 2020 -

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