Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, February 5, 2018

Ministry calls Employers to issue Salary Cards for Domestic Workers

Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia requested all the employers of the domestic workers to issue prepaid salary cards  for their workers. Recommend : New rules for domestic workers

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported all individual employers should issue prepaid payroll or salary cards as soon as their domestic workers entered into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- In order to get a prepaid payroll card, The employer or sponsor should register for the service at a bank and Musaned website

- In the Musaned portal, The employer can create an electronic recruitment contract by specifying the workers monthly salary, he can save and print a copy of it.

- The aim of the Ministry's Wage Protection System (WPS) is to protect the rights of both Employer and domestic workers contract and electronically document contracts of these workers. Related : Wage Protection System

- By issuing salary cards to workers, wages will be directly transferred to their bank accounts, which will guarantee the protection of their salaries. Similar : Domestic workers can transfer to new kafeel if his old kafeel did not pay 3 months salary

- Ministry's spokesman said now the Wage Protection System covers all kind of domestic workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it will gradually be enforced.

- The Ministry provided 6 months of time in order to get on board to all domestic workers of Saudi Arabia in the new scheme.

- The aim of the program is to improve work circumstances of domestic workers, increase their job security and to promote the human rights in Saudi Arabia. Read : Allowed cash limit at Saudi Airports

- All companies and recruitment agencies are requested to raise the awareness of their clients and workers rights and obligations of the contract.

- Contract services will be available on the Musaned online website and on the Smartphone app. Both Employer and domestic workers can report their violations and problems through the customer care number 19911.

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