Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, November 30, 2020

 Moderna Corona Vaccine has proven 100% effective and distributed 20 Million doses this Year

The United States based company 'Moderna' announced that its Coronavirus vaccine is 100% effective in the 3rd phase of trials.

The company said that, no disturbing cases have been recorded in its trials against Corona since November 16, confirming that we did not notice any safety issues during the third phase of the experiments.

- The company added that, it will submit licensing applications for its vaccine against Corona in America and Europe today, indicating that it expects to distribute 20 million doses in the United States this year (2020). Trending : 'Sputnik-V' corona vaccine price is surprising

- Moderna indicated that the vaccine against Corona is effective for all age groups, race, ethnicity and gender demographics as well as having a 100% success rate in preventing critical cases of Covid-19 that has killed around 1.5 million people.

- This filing sets to be 2nd vaccine likely to receive US emergency use authorization this year after Pfizer and BioNtech which had a 95% efficiency rate in its trials. Moderna said their vaccine is very highly efficacious, now we have data on it to prove.

- Moderna also said, We expect to be playing a major role in turning around this pandemic, The company also claims it was 100% effective in preventing severe cases. Read : SPIMACO signed a deal with CureVac to provide Corona vaccine in Saudi Arabia

- Moderna reported no new side effects since the interim analysis. Based on that analysis, the most common side effects were fatigue, injection site redness and pain, headache and body aches, which rose after the 2nd dose were short lived.

- Moderna plans to start a new trial to test the vaccine in young people before the end of the year, followed by another with even younger volunteers early in 2021. See Also : Saudi Arabia's Health Ministry assures Corona Vaccine will be Free for All in Kingdom

Moderna Corona Vaccine has proven 100% effective and distributed 20 Million doses this Year -

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