Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, September 6, 2020

 Top 3 Leading countries in Corona Virus infections list, Worldwide  reached 27 million

India and Brazil overtook each other to become the 2nd country with highest corona virus cases after the United States (US) while the worldwide Covid-19 infections reached to 27 million on Sunday.

From last one week, India reporting more than 80,000 corona cases daily with 1,000 deaths and reached to total cases of 4.11 million with more than 70,000 deaths with 3.1 million recoveries and 863,000 active cases.

 - India's top 5 leading states with huge infections are Mahrashtra with 863,000, Andhra Pradesh with 477,000, Tamilnadu with 452,000, Karnataka with 379,000 and Uttar Pradesh with 253,000 corona cases.

- With Sunday's update Brazil total corona cases reached to 4.12 million cases and the deaths reached to 126,230 with 3.2 million recoveries and 700,000 active cases.

- United States of America tops in the list with 6.4 million Corona infections, 192,000 deaths, 3.7 million recoveries and 2.5 million active cases.

- Saudi Arabia maintains its 15th position in the list with 319,932 corona cases, 4,049 deaths, 295,842 recoveries and 20,041 active cases.

Top 3 Leading countries in Corona Virus infections list, Worldwide  reached 27 million - Saudi-Expatriates.com


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