Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Saudi Arabia's Customs training dogs to Sniff out Corona infected Patients

Custom authority in Saudi Arabia is training dogs to sniff out people infected with Covid-19 at all customs entry points as part of the Kingdom's efforts to combat the spread of Corona virus. Trending : Parents to be charged, if children are neglected in Saudi Arabia

After the success of 80% in training the center is now working on completing all requirements that guarantee the readiness of the teams said the director of National Center for Living, Abdullah Al-Salloum at Saudi cutoms.

- The National Center undertakes the task of training dogs in many programs, including combating terrorism. The program also cover detection of smuggle goods, drugs, weapons, explosives, currency and tobacco said Al Salloum in a video of Saudi customs. Recommend : UAE announced 90% of corona cases are recovered

- Sniffer dogs have been trained long to detect diseases like malaria, cancer and Parkinson's disease. Many studies into training dogs to sniff out corona virus infection in humans are now showing good results.

- Researchers of United Kingdom, United States, France and Chile are attempting to train dogs to detect Corona virus. United Arab Emirates (UAE) earlier announced that it has successfully completed trials of using K9 police sniffer dogs to detect corona patients. Read : Hajj ministry plans for Umrah season

Saudi Arabia training dogs to Sniff out Corona infected Patients -

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