Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ministry of Health calls every Parent to ensure their Child Vaccinated on time

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia calls all the parents to make sure that their children get their childhood vaccination on time and not to be postponed it in anyway. Related : Procedure to get free vaccination from Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia

The Health Ministry in response to several inquiries in this regard said that, late vaccinations are rescheduled by the Primary Health Care Center, according to a mechanism explained to them, to ensure that the desired vaccination takes place. But parents should take care to take Timely vaccinations and not to postpone them.

- The ministry had mentioned earlier that a 9 month old vaccination contains the measles vaccine and the meningitis vaccine, and in the event that the child's age exceeds the vaccination, then the measles vaccination is canceled and the triple viral vaccination at the age of one year is sufficient, and the meningitis vaccine is also rescheduled for the child. Read : 3 Departments of Corona virus patients closed in Al Kharj

- The Ministry indicated that it is advised not to postpone taking the routine vaccinations for children, taking care to take an earlier appointment to reduce the waiting time inside the health facility, in addition to adhering to general prevention guidelines, the most important of which are, “Leave distances between you and others of no less than two meters", as a precautionary measure during Corona virus pandemic.

Ministry of Health calls every Parent to ensure their Child Vaccinated on time -

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