Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Muroor response to "How to Refund Paid Traffic Violations amount, If Objection is Accepted ?"

The General Traffic Department in Saudi Arabia revealed that the amount of payment of fines is automatically reimbursed, in case of the objection to the violation is accepted by the Traffic Authority. Most Viewed : Woman arrested in Bahrain for destroying Hindu idols in a store

A citizen asked a question that he objected to a traffic violation through the “Absher” system and paid the value of the violation before the outcome of the objection, which later came to accept the objection, appeared, asking about procedures for returning the amount paid. Trending : GACA issues thousands of drones permits

Saudi Moroor through his Twitter account said in response to a question in this regard:

“The payment amount is automatically returned to the same account paid from it, after a decision is issued by the traffic authority that filed the objection with it to return the payment amount.”

How can Paid Traffic Violations amount to Refund, If Objection is Accepted - Muroor responds -

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