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Corona Virus infections crossed 18 Million mark Worldwide with more than 689,164 Deaths

The Corona virus (Covid-19) infections all over the world has crossed the 18 million mark, The United States of America (USA) maintains the lead by a large difference in the list of countries most affected by the Corona virus pandemic. India climbs in the list with 3rd place in infections and 5th place in deaths. Trending : Saudi Arabia recovered 85.6% of Corona virus cases

All the countries in the world have recorded 18,042,795 cases so far, including 689,164 deaths. Out of 18 million infections, 4.76 million infections are only from the United States of America. Recommend : UAE starts first nuclear power plant in the Arab world

Brazil remains in the second place in the list of largest corona virus outbreaks with more than 2 million (2,708,876) confirmed infections so far, followed by India (1,756,220 cases) at third place in the list,

4. Russia (850,870 cases) 
5. South Africa (503,290 cases)
6. Mexico (434,193 cases)
7. Peru (422,183 cases)
8. Chile (357,658 cases)
9. Spain (335,602 cases)
10. Iran (306,752 cases), ranked in the ranks of black list countries. Saudi Arabia ranked 14th position with 277,478 infections.

The United States also tops the list of countries most affected by Corona by the number of deaths with 157,905 deaths, followed by Brazil (93,616 deaths) at second place, 
3. Mexico (47,472 deaths)
4. UK (46,193 deaths)
5. India (37,436 deaths)
6. Italy (35,146 deaths)
7. France (30,265 deaths)
8. Spain (28,445 deaths)
9. Peru (19,408 deaths) and
10. Iran (16,982 deaths) and Saudi Arabia ranked 30th position with 2887 deatgs. Read : Kuwati tops in the list of hottest places in the world

Corona Virus infections crossed 7 Million mark Worldwide with more than 402,666 Deaths -

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