Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, August 26, 2020

An Expat experience a Fraud near ATM, Shared his story to Alert others

One of our reader Mr. Hassan Mohammed shared his friend experience to us regarding a fraud that happened to him near ATM machine in Riyadh. He wants it will not happen to any others, So he shared the story to post for alerting. Trending : Al Ahsa and Jubail opens its first cinema theater

This happened to my friend yesterday in Riyadh. There is a group, who is taking your money by fooling you. As per him he went to the ATM machine and before him there was a person withdrawing the money, said Hassan.

- An Arab person came in, at the same time and asked him about the ATM machines, if there is any other ATM machine nearby. The person told him that he is from Kuwait and he can not able to withdraw the money. Recommend : Never ever buy sim cards from outside stalls

- After the first person left, my friend told the Kuwait person to complete his transaction, that man said to my friend, I cannot able to withdraw the money. I can transfer you online money from my Kuwait account and you can give me the cash.

- He kept insisting my friend  and he agreed to do it, After that Kuwait person login to his online account and show him that he is transferring the money to him.

- My friend told that show me the transaction but he didn't shown and keep saying that we are Muslim we have to trust each other. My friend gave the money to him trusting that he would transfer to his account. See Also : Saudi banks warned its customers of online frauds

- The Kuwait person also gave his phone number to him by saying that he can call him any time and money transfer will be completed within 1 or 2 hours. After reaching home waited two hours and Whatsapp him that he still didn't receive any amount, After 24-hours both numbers of that Kuwait person is switched off.

An Expat experience a Fraud near ATM, Shared his story to Alert others - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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