Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, July 25, 2020

Tata Communications granted Local ISP, Telecom License in Saudi Arabia

Tata Communications to provide internet and some telecom services to companies, with local billing for customers in Saudi Arabia, As the company got a 'Type B' license from the regulator. See Also : No government official to perform Hajj pilgrimage this year

This license will allow the company to change its status from foreign carrier to the Middle East to a locally licensed service provider.

- After this license, The company will now become a neutral-carrier service provider to OTTs, large companies and MNCs in the region. The Tata Communications will be able to offer network services in the Kingdom and address internet, network security, cloud and SDWAN requirements across the Saudi Arabia. Recommend : Saudi Employer shower Filipino Helper with Gifts and Cash

- By getting the telecom license from Saudi Arabia, The company will be able to seamlessly bring carrier-neutral services like internet connectivity, public and private cloud service, cyber security, borderless mobility and more related services to the Kingdom said the associate vice president and region head of the Tata Communications.

- Tata Communications owns and operates a vast global subsea network, This will allow businesses to reach more than 200 countries and territories, as per the company, around 30% of the world's internet routes travel over Tata Communications network. See Also : Implementation of 16th Phase of Wage Protection System in Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Arabia has put technology at the heart of its trans formative Saudi Vision 2020 a key enabler and driver of the numerous changes detailed in the initiative. To achieve its goals, telecommunication providers will need to support a state of art and communications infrastructure, while companies and SMEs will need to rapidly embrace digital solutions and services.

Tata Communications granted Local ISP, Telecom License in Saudi Arabia -

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