Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saudi Aramco increases Gasoline prices in the Kingdom for July 2020

Saudi Aramco announced the new updated gasoline prices in the Kingdom as per the periodic review, The new prices of fuel will be in effect from Today (11th July 2020) until the 10th August 2020. As per the earlier announcement, the company will announce updated prices every month on the 10th day. Most viewed : Jawazat explains the categories of Expats exempt from fees and penalties

The new Fuel prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting from Today are

Gasoline 91 : 1.29 SR per liter (Earlier 0.98 SR)

Gasoline 95 : 1.44 SR per liter (Earlier 1.18 SR)

Diesel : 0.52 SR per liter (Earlier 0.52 SR)

Kerosene : 0.70 SR per liter (Earlier 0.70 SR)

LPG : 0.75 SR (Earlier 0.75 SR) Recommend : Saudi Arabia bans BBQ, Shisha and other fire things at public places

- According to the company, the local prices of Petrol are subject to change depending on changes in export prices from the Saudi Arabia to the international markets, Hence the prices will fluctuate as per the changes.

- This is as per the governance procedures of pricing adjustment of approved energy and water products said the Saudi Aramco company. See Also : Salary deductions or delays without valid reason

Saudi Aramco updated its fuel prices in Saudi Arabia for the month May 2020 -

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