Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, June 15, 2020

'Tabaud' Application to Notify people of being Contact with Corona Patients

The Saudi Commission for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SADIA) launched an application called 'Tabaud', with the aim of notifying users if they come into contact with corona virus infected person and to support the government efforts in curbing the spread of virus in Saudi Arabia. Trending : Returning to Normal life plan is going well in Saudi Arabia

The 'Tabaud' application is designed to alert the people who are in contact with the corona virus infected people, The application send camouflaged identifiers data to smart phone users using the same application, which were registered during the contact with infected people of covid-19.

- Application users receive notifications that they may be near the infected person, this is to take the necessary precautions and report any contacting cases through the application as well. Recommend : International flights continue to be suspended until further notice

- It is accompanied by the data of virus infected people devices, in accordance with the policies of Google and Apple devised, by maintaining the full privacy of users.

- The application user can get direct and proactive notification, if a registered infection is discovered, for the purpose of requesting direct health support from the Ministry of Health.

- In case of one of its users is confirmed with corona virus, the application will send notifications to all the smartphones which are close to it during the last 14 days, in order to take necessary precautions. See Also : Saudi Arabia may Cancel Hajj pilgrimage this year

- The application via bluetooth will know how close it to the smart phones that use the same application, which allows them to get an idea about the smartphones that are closer and thus notify their users who are more at risk.

'Tabaud' Application to Notify people of being Contact with Corona Patients

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