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Saudi Arabia to witness Annular Solar Eclipse on 21st June (Sunday)

The world including Saudi Arabia is about to witness an annular solar eclipse tomorrow (21st June), This is the occasion of the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, The viewer of earth can see the sun totally or partly hiding.

The solar eclipse will be seen in Saudi Arabia, Gulf states and Arab world, As per the National Astronomy Center at King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, The solar eclipse will be visible in the Makkah region for 2 hour and 27 minutes starting from 7:04 AM.

- In Riyadh, The solar eclipse will be visible from 7: 10 Am to 8:23 AM will end at 9:49 AM. While in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia, the eclipse will start at 7:14 AM and reach its peak by 8:30 AM and will end at 9:59 AM.

- In Madina, The solar eclipse will begin at 7 :09 AM and reach its peak at 8:16 AM and will end at 9:34 AM. The annular solar eclipse is less than one minute and after that it will turn into a partial eclipse.

Do not look to Solar Eclipse without proper protection :

The danger of looking directly to the Sun rays without special glasses of solar eclipse or appropriate telescope even for a short period of time may cause permanent damage to the retina, the damage occurs without pain, it may take few hours or few days after viewing the solar eclipse to feel the damage.

Safe way for Viewing the Solar Eclipse :

The only safe way is to use their own sunglasses that meet international safety standards, It does not mean black glasses protect the eye. The annular eclipse occurs when the moon is at a point far from the Earth, The disk of the moon is too small to hide the entire sun, so the sun appears dark with its limbs illuminated as a luminous ring.

Annular Solar Eclipse in Saudi Arabia on 21 June 2020 - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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