Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, June 19, 2020

Returning to Normalcy does not mean the End of Corona virus, Its still available, We must be careful

The Minister of Health spokesperson in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdali explained that return to the normal life from 21st June does not mean the end of Corona virus pandemic.

He said the virus is still active and we must return to normal life with caution and research is still going on the vaccine of corona virus. He highlighted that the treatment protocols are updated to monitor the most important development that make them better and more effective in dealing with infected patients.

How to protect most dangerous groups, After returning to Normalcy : 

- Al-Abdali tells how to protect the most dangerous groups such as elderly and chronic diseases patients. We can protect them by staying at home and not going out except for the urgent necessity.

- By following up their treatment plans and continuous communication with the doctors treating them, in addition by applying preventive measures like limiting their gatherings.

- He reiterated that when visiting these groups, it is necessary to take care not to gather and leave safe distances, committing to wear mask, do not handshake or kiss, avoid participation in special tools, all this removes the embarrassment of these groups, their appreciation and respect.

Ministry of Health warns using against using 'Dexamethasone' without the prescription from doctor : 

- The assistant undersecretary for medical affairs of the Ministry of Health warned against using dexamethasone without the prescription from doctor.

- The drug is not viable for treatment of the corona virus, but it reduces the death rate in some cases of infected patients by 20 to 35%, No medication should be taken from patients without medical supervision, as these drugs have multiple side effects.

Returning to Normalcy does not mean the End of Corona virus, Its still available

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