Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, June 5, 2020

Preventive Measures to Follow at Mosque while performing first Friday Prayer after Re-Opening of Mosques in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia reminds about the preventive measures to follow in the mosques, while going for the first Friday prayer after the reopening of the mosques after the corona virus. Trending : Expat violators violating corona virus measures intentionally to deport and permanently ban from entering into Saudi Arabia

The Health Ministry stated the preventive measures in mosques includes

1. Ablution from Homes, before going to the mosque.

2. Wear a face mask (Medical mask or cloth mask)

3. Bringing your prayer carpet with you to the mosque and do not leave it after prayer. See Also : How to stop Corona virus transmitting from bank notes

4. Pray 2 meters away from each others in mosque

5. Bringing your Quran with you, If you plan to read at mosque.

6. Do not bring children below 15 years for prayer at Mosque, preventing children from attending prayer at Mosque.

7. Do not crowd, While entering or leaving the mosques. Read : World's 20 largest Muslim populated countries 

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs issued number of regulations to follow during Friday Prayer :

1. First call to Friday prayer 20 minutes before the time begins, Mosques should be open 20 minutes before the time and closed 20 minutes after the Friday prayer.

2. Friday Sermon with the prayer should not exceed 15 minutes. Most Viewed : Makkah records first death of a Pakistani doctor from Corona virus

Preventive Measures to Follow at Mosque while performing first Friday Prayer -

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