Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, June 4, 2020

Violating Precautionary Measures of Corona virus can lead Expats for Deportation with permanent ban

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced that those who intentionally violate the precautionary and preventive measures of the Corona virus imposed by the Kingdom can face deportation, if the violator is an expatriate resident.

The Ministry explained that the punishment for violation will begins with a fine of 1000 SR for the first time, In case of repetition, the violator to pay the double fine of 2000 SR, If the violator is an expat resident, he will be deported from Saudi Arabia with permanent ban from coming to the Kingdom after the payment of the penalty.

The Precautionary and Preventive measures include the following :

- Not using medical or cloth mask or covering of nose and mouth.

- Non commitment of social distance

- Not allowing to measure temperature while entering into the offices of public or private sectors.

- Failure to comply with the procedures adopted, when the temperature rises above 38 degree Celsius, in the cases stipulated in the procedures and measures (protocols).

Permanent ban on Expat violator on Violating Precautionary Measures of Corona virus

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