Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Health Ministry announces List of Chronic Diseases most affected by Corona Virus

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has revealed chronic diseases most affected by complications from the emerging coronaviruses (Covid-19), It is advised to be careful if you are having any of the below mentioned diseases. Trending : A nurse in Madina died after being infected with corona virus

To avoid infection, the official account of the Ministry of Health was published on the social networking site Twitter, the chronic diseases that came as follows:

1. Kidney patients.

2. Cancer patients.

3. Diabetes.

4. Blood Pressure

6. Immune diseases.

7. Cardiovascular disease

- The ministry advised to wash hands with soap and water regularly, avoid crowded places, stay at home and not go out except when necessary, and eat healthy food. See Also : Hajj 2020 is limited to the people living in Saudi Arabia

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