Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, May 14, 2020

Riyadh Police arrests 5 Expatriates who involved in Trade of SIM cards

The media spokesperson for the Riyadh region police in Saudi Arabia said the security follow up to combat the cyber crime resulted in the arrest of 5 expatriate workers of Bangladeshi nationality after they proved to be involved in selling sim cards registering with the others IDs without their knowledge. See Also : Never ever buy sim cards from outside stalls

The arrested five persons are about the age 30 to 40 years , They are registering Sim cards with the identities of Saudi citizens and expatriates without their knowledge. See Also : Check how many sim cards available on your iqama

- They took the advantage of their work into two accessories stores and children toys stores in the Al Batha neighborhood in the central Riyadh to commit their crimes. See Also : 

- The police had seized 573 Sim cards available with them, 1133 prepaid recharge cards and amounts of money amounted to 140,000 Saudi Riyals and they were stopped and all legal measures were taken against them and refereed them to the Public Prosecution. Most Viewed : Report unknown sim cards to telecom operators online via CITC

Riyadh police arrests 5 Expatriate workers who involve in trade of sim cards -

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