Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, April 19, 2020

Ministry of Transport announces Taxis to use in Delivery of Orders using Apps in Non-lockdown cities during Coronavirus

The Ministry of Transport in Saudi Arabia announced that they are going to allow Taxis for delivery of orders using delivery apps, The Transport Minister thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for the approval. Most Viewed : WHO thanked Saudi Arabia for donating $500 million to combat with Coronavirus

However, They can operate in non-lockdown cities and only during the permitted period and deliver orders using delivery apps said the Transport Minister, The Public Transport Authority will announce these controls in the near future.

- The taxis must be public licensed only, taxi drivers must follow the conditions and requirements which are set by the competent authorities to organize this activity at present, which will be announced later. Read : Driving licenses can be renewed online with medical examination during Coronavirus

- Taxi companies and the measure is meant to support their work with apps for delivering orders, a field in which many are engaged during the exceptional circumstances, especially at the time of peak hours.

- The taxis will able to work with only registered applications, There companies will provide them all the necessary information about which application they can use and how many hours and in which area they can work. See Also : Saudi Arabia is producing more than 3.7 million face masks in 8 factories

- However, The Taxis should not be used to pick-up or drop-off any passengers, should not roaming around and waiting in public parking until request received, work with licensed applications only, Those who violated will face heavy penalty.

Transport Ministry allows Taxis to work for delivery of orders during Coronavirus - Saudi-ExpatriatesCom

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