Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, April 9, 2020

Stranded Saudi Citizens arrived Home from Bahrain via King Fahad Causeway

A group of Saudi citizens who were in Bahrain and want to return to the Kingdom has arrived, and the total number of those who was stranded in Bahrain is 790 citizens, They stuck there after the travel restrictions due to Coronavirus pandemic disease.

The steps to bring them back into the country started last Tuesday with the follow-up of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the kingdom of Bahrain, where they were transported via King Fahd Causeway by 12 private buses, in cooperation between the relevant authorities in the two brotherly countries.

Immediately upon the arrival of the 196 citizens, the passports and customs ended their procedures, then the buses transported them to the hotels that were prepared for them during the quarantine period, where they were received by the working teams.

- where they were handed over the rooms designated for their residence and will All services are provided to them during the period of their hosting, and the Ministry of Health undertook a medical examination for the returning citizens in order to ensure that they did not catch the new novel Corona virus.

- The Tourist Accommodation Committee had drawn up an integrated plan to receive returning citizens from abroad, which included preparing 11,000 hotel rooms in a number of regions of the Kingdom.

- The country in which he resides until his arrival in the Kingdom and his settlement in the tourist accommodation facility designated for them, where the places of residence are determined according to the lists obtained by the Ministry of Tourism from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the embassies of Saudi Arabia in various parts of the world.

- It is scheduled that citizens coming from outside the Kingdom will spend a period of quarantine in these tourist facilities in order to ensure their safety and then they can leave to their families.

Stranded Saudi citizens in Bahrain return Home via King Fahad Causeway

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