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Saudi Arabia Coronavirus : Total Cases : 2039, Cured : 351, Deaths: 25, Active Cases : 1663

Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia confirms 154 new Coronavirus infections, 23 new Recoveries, 4 new Deaths in the last 24 hours and till 3rd April 2020 (3:30 PM), Raising the Total to the following
Infections : 2039
Recovered : 351
Deaths : 25
Remaining Active cases : 1663
Critical (In ICU) : 41
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Among the new 154 announced Covid-19 infections, 151 cases are due to contact with the infected persons, 3 cases from travel history. Follow the city wise new infections

Madina : 34
Jeddah : 30
Makkah : 21
Tabuk : 17
Riyadh : 13
Buraidah : 9
Qatif : 6
Hofuf : 4
Ar Ras : 3
Khobar : 3
Najran : 3
Khafji : 2
Dhahran : 2
Mahayil Asir : 2
Khamis Musaith : 1
Dammam : 1
Ras Tanura : 1
Al Wajh : 1
Duba : 1

- The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health said "The Ministry of Health has received a number of cases that benefited from the generous order related to free treatment for all citizens, residents and violators of regulations". We assure everyone in obtaining medical services by applying an appointment. Read : Curfew in Dammam, Qatif and Taif from 3 PM

- He also said, The picture will not be completely completed in the death rate, except after the end of a period of time and the epidemiological curves of the virus, then the picture becomes clear.

- “There are specific criteria for imposing a curfew on one city and not another.”, Infections that are detected early have high chance of survival, The Ministry added.

A number of cases have benefited from the King Salman generous order of free treatment for all citizens, residents and violators of regulations. See Also : 24 Hours Curfew in Makkah and Madina

- Saudi Arabia calls everyone of those showing symptoms not to hesitate in going to a hospital, whether private or public, to get tested and receive the proper care under King Salman’s new order. This includes visa violators who are not legally in the country.

The entire world is on high alert due to Covid-19, without an exception, The worldwide Coronavirus infections details as of 3rd April 2020 (15:30 Saudi Time) are as follows

Infections : 1,016,401
Cured : 211,775
Deaths : 53,160

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia on 3rd April 2020-min

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