Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior announces revises in timings of Curfew during Ramadan

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia stated that, in addition to what was previously announced to specify the times during which it is permitted to roam to meet the necessary needs in all regions and cities, it was decided to add the times during which it is permitted to roam during the holy month of Ramadan as follows:

First : It is permissible to wander in all areas and cities that are not subject to curfew throughout the day, from 9 AM in the morning until 5 PM in the afternoon. See Also : HR Ministry calls Employers to quickly inform about their Workers housing locations

Second : It is permissible to allow residents of cities and governorates that are not allowed to circulate around the clock, from their homes to meet the necessary needs only, such as health care and catering, from 9 AM in the morning until 5 PM in the evening, within the scope of the residential neighborhood in which they reside and the limitation of car transport to one person In addition to the driver of the vehicle.

Third : Continuing to prevent the residents of residential neighborhoods that are subject to complete sanitary isolation from leaving their homes around the clock. Trending : Supreme court calls for sighting Ramadan Moon Crescent on Thursday

The Ministry of Interior confirms that these measures have been taken within the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in facing the Coronavirus pandemic in order to preserve public health and safety. It is subject to continuous evaluation with health authorities, at the same time it calls upon everyone to sense their individual responsibilities by committing to and adhering to the measures of sanitary isolation to achieve the public interest.

Ministry of Interiror revises Curfew timings during Ramadan -

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